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port deposit. we have a little bit of a break now for example you want to doer rands, this will be the time to do it. we will be seeing wet weather in to the afternoon. temperature bel air 68. a coastal flood advisory for the areas in the blue coloring until midnight. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning. off busy morning, -- the rain is leading to a hectic commute. accidents across the region. trouble in arundel county, there is an accident on route 424, at route 450, problems in baltimore city, an accident on the east side, hamilton, bel air road. traveling baltimore, a crash in white marsh, pulaski highway. for those of you headed out to the northeast corridor of 95.
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white marsh, route 43. traffic moving along. the roads will be slick. a look at 695, parkville, traffic picking up, no delays traveling towards tow son. how far would you go to get the prized parking spot? an edgewood woman went too far in a parking rage accident that what happened in white marsh. linda so is live now. >> reporter: the woman got upset over a parking spot and took matters in to her hands and ended up in jail and faces charges of first and second degree assault and bail set at $1 million, brandy aims of har park caught got in fight with a woman over a parking spot outside the staples store friday night. aims got back in to her car, hit the woman, and pinned her
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against another car. that's not all. an inno accident bystander a became he second target. when aims saw the person tripe to get a tag number and take pictures, she drove in to the victim and hit her as well. shoppers can't believe it went that far. >> the farthest i would go is horn honking or yelling but i would keep going. >> i don't like coming whennist crowded, people are crazy. >> reporter: the second victim gave police information so they could find aims and arrest her at her home monday. linda so, abc2 news. former penn state football coach, jerry sandusky will find out how long a prison sentence he will face, he is due in court october 9th. sandusky might make a statement at that time. now nths ago, sandusky was convicted in june of 45 coups of sexually a -- counts of sexually abusing young boys
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over a 15-year period. new this morning, nine people have been killed in a suicide attack that happened in afghanistan. a woman rammed her car packed with explosives in to a minute minute bus. [technical difficulties] mitt romney jokes about wishing his father's parents had been latino.
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(inaudible.) he goes off on obama supporters. >> 47% with him, they belief they are victims, they believe the government has a responsibility to care for them. >> reporter: the obama campaign issued a responses saying it's hard to serve as president for all americans when you have written off half the nation. in a news conference monday night, romney said he could have spoken more cheirally but trying to point out the differences between the two campaigns. >> we have a different approach between a government dominated society and a society driven by free people pursuing dreams. this is a discussion about the political process of winning the election and of course i want to help all americans all americans have a bright and prosperous future and i'm convinced that the president's
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approach has not done that and will not do that. the campaign will allow video cameras in to private fund raisers in the future. the cast of general hospital smaller this morning, one of thactors has passed away. we will tell you about the man who for decades played the patriarch of the family.
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topless photos of the duchess of cambridge and have to do it within 24 hours, the magazine closer has been fined for publishing the photos and ordered not to distribute the magazine in print or on line. this also blocks further publication of the images, separately, the board of a newspaper in ireland that published the topless photos will meet today to consider closing the paper. will and kate filed a separate complaints against a photographer that could lead to a criminal case. the duchess was at a private residence when the photos were taken a fix ture for years, general hospital, john engle who played the pate rei patriarch, edward, passed away. he returned to the show to tape an episode. it was his wib to play edward
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quarter main was last time. surprising discovery inside a home. this happened in nevada. walter died pack in june from heart problems. when the house was put up for sale, some of his belongings surprised them. what was uncovered beyond expectations. >> we thought there was ammunition, opened it up and rolls of $20 geld pieces, i have never seen that gold in my life. >> it's worth $7 million. not the only thing left behind. he had $200 in his bank account. there were stock accounts worth $165,000, 12 grand in cash, despite the assets he did not have a will. the closest family member they could find, a first cousin, living in california, after the irs takes their share, a huge
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chunk, the rest will probably go to the cousin. still to come on good morning maryland. check out this kids face. what did the reporter do? live on tv. details straight ahead.
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good morning, we have been dealing with the wet weather across the area. maryland's most powerful radar, starting to dry out, showers trying to pop up in the picture, hardford, sliding in to cecil county as well. the heaviest stuff back off in western maryland, also to the
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south and to the north. pennsylvania, to the north of carlisle, dealing with heavy rain this morning. we will get in another round as we go in to the afternoon and could see stormy weather as well. 71 degrees in davidsonville with the clouds, temperatures have not been able to drop off this morning. the dew points are in the upper 60s. we are humid around glen burnie, temperature around 70. we look at the hour by hour forecast, patchy fog in some spots. humid conditions and storms in to the afternoon. the temperature coming in around 78 degrees. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning. good morning, the rain is leading to a hectic commute, dealing with comments across the region, trouble in northeast baltimore, a crash on hamilton, bel air, something to watchout for. baltimore county, a crash in reisterstown, tarragon at brook berry drive. if you are headed to the beltway, here is a live look at the west side, extreme delays
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on the outer loop at liberty road, that will continue driving towards route 40. the inner loop will be clear, through pikesville and more volume here on 695, overly , the inner loop and outer loop packed in both directions, and if you are traveling in arundel, an accident in gambles on route 424, at route 450. meagan, over to you. teachers strike in chicago entered the 6th day monday. it is the first teachers trike in chicago in 25 years. the two sides are going to gather this afternoon, but this morning, here in our community, activists are getting together, to show support for the chicago teachers. sherrie johnson is here with more on how they are supporting the teachers. >> reporter: they will have a picket line, this after noon, here at the corner of cold spring lane and falls road in north baltimore in front of
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western high school, they plan to take to the streets here to support those teachers in chicago that are on strike. a chicago judge has scheduled a hearing on a possible injunction to end the chicago teachers strike for wednesday at 10:30 a.m. chicago city attorneys filing a -- sherry, thank you for being here with us, can you tell us about why you are going to be here on the picket line and supporting the chicago teachers? >> sure. we believe it takes courage to stand up for what is right. the issues are universal. questions of class size, questions of the right to education, it's a universal ob shoe that affects baltimore city and people and the country. any time someone stands for something right, we should all be behind them and supporting them, we are worried about the
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injunction. activists had to come together, stand with our teachers, around the country. >> what about those people saying get the students in class. they are missing class. >> reporter: what is interesting is two things, the student in chicago and parents have been support ive of the teachers. some issues impact the students, like class size, the administration, the school system wants to increase class size to 55 students. this harms students. they have been supporting teachers. teachers are parents, too. i talked to some chicago friends of mine, some have young children and they are anxious to get back to school. once again, activists will be here today at 3:30 p.m.
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to make voices heard in support of the chicago teachers. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. the national law enforcement museum is discussing a case we remember very well. it was ten years ago that people in maryland and washington dc were terrorized by random shootings. ten people lost lives for three weeks. to mark the anniversary of the sniper attacks, former montgomery county police chief, will return to the area, he is going to take part along with police in virginia and maryland, in events to talk about the k[:├│shootings. . new report says that alcohol and prescription drug abuse has increase td among active members of the military over the past few years. according to the institute of medicine, the approach is treating alcohol and substance abuse andist outdated. the barriers to care and other problems to prevent service
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members and families prevent them from getting the treatment they need. prescription drug abuse rates are low, however the rate of medication misuse, that rose about 2%, from 2002 to 11%, to 2008. many parents are making big mistakes when it comes to car seats and kids. 20% of parents admit they don't read the instructions when it comes to installing the seats. the biggest mistake that parents make, using the wrong slots for the seat belts or leaving the seats too loose. safety officials say that traffic crashes are the number one killers for children ages 1- 12 years old. it is no secret, obesity is a problem in the united states. rch sers are meeting to stay with us the state of obesity. one in three adults and one in six children are obese. ist a condition that can lead
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to so many problems including heart disease and diabetes and doctors say the best advice is to keep it simple if you want to lose weight. >> you have to get back to the basics and be active, find things you enjoy in terms of burning calories and making healthy food choices and implementing the choices. >> it will grow over the next decade unless major changes are made in terms of peoples diets and behavior. $5million worth of upgrades, dutch is going to tour the new facility, it's going to have bathrooms, ticket machines and ramps for disabled riders. baltimore book festival attracts authors and book lovers from all over the country. it happens in mount vernon, today learn what authors are going to be coming to the city.
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also we will hear about what features are being added. peterson, a cookbook author and winner of the cupcake wars going to be at the conference , the book festival is september 28th and runs until the 30th, it happens on north charles street in mount vernon. five things as you head out the door, o'malley is visiting today to talk about providing the necessary skills to boost work opportunities. the institute provides training for bio technicians. maryland teept department of health looking in to a possible state oversight of private labs that handle bio hazardous materials. they will report by next june. the labs are monitored annually by the cdc and department of agriculture. members from the ravens will
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join health officials for a press conference, on concussions. they will discuss concussion awareness efforts to put in to place. that conference starts at 11:00 this morning. dozens are expected to attends a natural product expo, happening a at the be baltimore convention center. it starts tomorrow and going to feature 20,000 entrepreneurs and manufacturers as well as distributors, products from the food and beverage, pet lovers and toys and everything organic. the pride of baltimore, heading to washington, that's going to happen. that is a reproduction of the sailing vessel used for the war in britain. we have been watching the batch of rain to the west, to the knots and to the south, all
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morning long. it is getting closer and closer to us. we will see rain pushing in, as we go in to the 8:00 hour and the heaviest stuff in to the afternoon, 2:00 or 3:00, the chance for showers and thunderstorms. we have the clouds out there, ar banna is showing us that this morning. wet redways across the yeah, things have simmered down a bit, we will pick the wet weather up in to the afternoon. temperatures held up this morning, stew to the cloud cover. -- due to the cloud cover. tillman in at 74 degrees, goldsboro 70 degrees. we are on the warm side this morning. also the winds helping to keep the temperatures up because they are south, warming wind, gusty, see sustained winds, baltimore at 9, and 14 easton, chose to 20 dc. this cold front is what we are waiting to move through, ahead of it humid and behind it, breezy, dry and cooler.
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future trend picking up around 8:00. the commute home we could be seeing severe weather as we do look at wednesday and thursday, plenty of sunshine in to the picture. we could be seeing up to about 2.5 inches over in frederick as we head to the north and west and eastern shore about two inches of rainfall, the hour by hour forecast brings us up to 78 by 3:00, the seven-day forecast improves us for thursday and friday the rain is leading to a hectic commute, dealing with crash on route 295, it's along the southbound lanes arundel mills boulevard. baltimore, a crash in reisterstown, on tergon road at brook berry drive. west side of the beltway, expect heavy delays, a live look at old court road , the outer loop at a standstill,
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expect a lot of congestion as you make the drive towards route 40, inner loop, clear towards pikesville. you are looking downtown, 95, 395, no problems to report. here, nice and clear. reporter in denver, didn't make friends with one of the interview subjects, the whole thing played out on live tv and you have to take a look at this. the reporter was covering a fall festival, the little boy was not amused with his antics. maybe he was protecting his cantaloupe. look at that guy right up in
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his face. i don't blame the kid for getting upset. we are out of time, over to good america.
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